You can see my open sourced projects on GitHub and my professional experience on LinkedIn.

👩🏾‍💻 Professional permalink

  • Jun, 2020 - Now: Software Engineer at Globality;
  • Oct, 2019 - May, 2020: Software Engineer at GeoPhy;
  • Dec, 2018 - Oct, 2019: Full Stack Developer at Impresa;
  • Apr, 2018 - Ago, 2018: Google Summer of Code 2018 student with Systers Community;
  • Feb, 2016 - Apr, 2018: Android Developer at Innovation Makers;
  • Jul, 2015 - Sep, 2015: Software Engineering intern at Uniplaces.

👐🏾 Volunteer work permalink

  • Aug, 2020 - Now: Mentor at Black Codher bootcamp;
  • Mar, 2018 - Now: Contributor and Maintainer at Systers Open Source Community;
  • Jul, 2019 - Dec, 2020: Community Leader for London chapter;
  • Feb, 2020 - Aug, 2020: Google Summer of Code admin at Open Source;
  • Nov, 2019 - Jan, 2020: Google Code-in mentor at Systers Community;
  • Oct, 2019: GHC Open Source Day remote mentor;
  • May, 2019 - June, 2019: Hopperx1 London - Track Committee Co Chair for Open Source;
  • Sep, 2018: GHC Open Source Day Systers Representative.

I also do public speaking and blogging.

🚧 Projects permalink

Mentorship System permalink

This is a project I proposed for Google Summer of Code program that I participated on 2018. I am maintaining and managing the project at the moment.

This summer I was a Google Summer of Code Student with Systers Community. I proposed Mentorship System, a mentorship application to help women in tech mentor each other, on career development topics, during a certain period of time. I worked with mentors, the Systers Open Source community.

I started with the Backend REST API development, using python and flask. After 2 months designing and implementing the backend I started implementing the Android application with Kotlin.

Repositories on GitHub:

I documented my journey with 1 blog per week on Isabel Costa GSoC Medium publication.

Links: Initial GSoC Proposal / Mentorship System on GSoC website / GSoC Journal on Medium / Final Demo of my work

Tech Stack and tools: Kotlin, Python, Flask, git, GitHub, SQLAlchemy, Swagger UI, Android

PREMIUM - Private Reactive Multipath Communication Middleware (MSc Thesis) permalink

I developed my MSc thesis "PREMIUM: Private Reactive Multipath Communication Middleware" in the context of the SafeCloud project, within the Distributed Systems research group of INESC-ID. The prototype combines multipath communication and route monitoring to react to hijacking attacks.

To develop the prototype for my thesis, I worked with two previous master thesis' projects - MACHETE, a multipath communication mechanism, and Darshana, route hijacking detection system. I refactored these projects, fixed bugs, implemented new features that were needed for my Dissertation project. I also created documentation for these. I used the modified versions of these prototypes and implemented new modules to integrate them.

Code is available at inesc-id/Premium on GitHub.

Tech stack and tools: C, Java, Python, VirtualBox, Google Cloud, git, GitHub, Linux (Debian)

Personal Website permalink

Usually, I am currently a Eleventy based website for the first time and I am enjoying it so much! I usually use these static code generators to facilitate the development through using Markdown files, without having to do much frontend work. My previous versions (first and second) used Jekyll templates.

These are the different versions of my websites until this current one:

Here's the issue tracker of this website where you can see my roadmap of issues planned or submit a bug you find there.

Smart Home Android app permalink

Smart Home project was developed within the Ambient Intelligence course context (from feb to may 2017). In this course I could pick any idea for the main project, as long as it was related with intelligent environments. So I decided to do an Android application suited for tablet to manage intelligent devices in a house. I wanted this application to be easy to use and accessible to people of all ages, including elderly people. So I tried to design a very simple interface so that someone could easily control home devices.

I developed planned and designed all the features. I used Model View Presenter architecture on the android app. I also implemented a very simple REST API with java.

All code and user interface designs can be found at isabelcosta/smart-home-project GitHub repository.

Tech Stack and tools: Java, Android, git, GitHub

MoviesApp permalink

MoviesApp was the project I used to to practice my Kotlin knowledge within the Android development context. This app simply displayed movies fetched from MoviesDB API in a grid view (2 columns). I use Model View Presenter (MVP) architecture.

All code can be found at isabelcosta/MoviesApp GitHub repository.

Tech Stack and tools: Kotlin, Android, git, GitHub, Retrofit