I enjoy talking about Open Source.

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Being a mentorFinding the Right Mentor - Coding Black Females7 Apr '21Video / Slides
Make the most out of your GitHub ProfileInternational Women's Day Celebration at Coding Black Females10 Mar '21Video / Slides
Why, Where and How to contribute to Open SourceTalk A Bit13 Feb '21Video
Como e porquê começar a contribuir para OSS?Android Training Program - Aula #11 Resumo16 Dec '20Video / PT language
Dicas para manutenção de projetos open sourceInterruptor x Hacktoberfest24 Oct '20Video / Slides / PT language
Contribuir para Open Source como colaborador e maintainerDevfest Portugal17 Oct '20Video / Slides / PT language
Contributing to open source as a contributor and a maintainervJUG (Virtual Java User Group)15 Oct '20Video / Slides
À Conversa Com... Isabel CostaIEEE IST Student Branch8 Oct '20Video in Português :)
How documentation and open communication leads to better collaborationLadies of Code (London) - Get Heard! Summer Short Talks17 Aug '20Video / Slides
Interview about Open SourceCoding Black Females Podcast16 Aug '20Audio
My journey to contributing to Open SourceCoding Black Females - Lightning Talks... Take One!8 July '20Video / Slides
Why, Where and How to contribute to Open SourceJNation2 Jun '20Video / Slides
Intro to Open Community Webinar15 May '20---
Why, Where and How to contribute to Open SourceGDG DevFest Lisbon7 Dec '19Slides
Open Source practices we can apply at workInternally at GeoPhy20 Nov '19---
Why, Where and How to contribute to Open SourceHopperx1 London14 Jun '19---
Journey as a Google Summer of Code student with SystersSysters TechTalks7 Mar '19Video / Slides
Teach yourself Community Webinar24 Feb, 25 Apr '19---
Doing Open Source as a Contributor and a MaintainerGDG Porto DevFest26 Jan '19Slides
Getting Started with Open SourceGDG Lisbon meetup20 Sep '18Slides
Google Summer of Code Final Demo (Mentorship System)Systers GSoC 2018 Final Demos12 Aug '18Video / Slides

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How documentation and open communication leads to better collaboration permalink

Ladies of Code (London) / Remote / August 17th, 2020 / Video / Slides / lightning talk

It's a known issue that developers often not prioritize documentation at work. Documentation and open communication are often related and critical in an open-source project environment. By the end of this talk audience members will be enlightened about how accessible documentation and open communication leads to a more productive, autonomous, and inclusive team. Also how we can apply these concepts at work having in mind open-source environment context.

Why, Where and How to contribute to Open Source permalink

JNation (conference) / Remote / June 2nd, 2020 / Video / Slides

DevFest Lisboa (conference) / Lisboa, Portugal / December 7th, 2019 / Slides

Hopperx1 London (conference) / London, UK / June 14th, 2019

Because I know contributing to Open Source can be a bit intimidating, I wanted to share how one could start their journey and what is available out there to get started. In this talk, I talked about why contibuting to open source can be very beneficial for one's career, where one could get started and how they could start, as there are many ways to contribute to Open Source.

Intro to Open Source permalink Community Webinar / Remote / May 15th, 2020

In this talk, I co-presented with my fellow Open Source admins, Anna Bauza and Maybellin Burgos, about how to start contributing to Open Source. We talked about our experiences in Open Source, benefits of contributing, ways to get started with or without programs, different ways to contribute to an open source project and opportunities at Open Source.

Open Source practices we can apply at work permalink

GeoPhy / Remote / November 20th, 2019

In this talk, I started describing the scenario we face when working in an open source environment. After that, I elaborated on 2 very important concepts when working on open source projects, documentation and transparency. I ended up giving examples of little things we can do every day to improve knowledge sharing and also promote open communication for the benefit of the different teams, level of experience and the company.

Journey as a Google Summer of Code student permalink

Systers TechTalks (webinar) / Remote / March 7th, 2019 / Slides / Video

In this talk, I shared my experience as a Google Summer of Code student with Systers Open Source community, since I applied this community until I finished the program and remained in the community as a maintainer. I shared the process of getting prepared to apply and then how the actual program was after being accepted. I also showed how I contributed to Systers Open Source community with more than code, because Open Source is not just about code and has a place for everyone.

Teach yourself Programming permalink Community Webinar / Remote / February 24th, April 25th 2019

In this webinar I had the pleasure to do the talk together with Aliaksandra Sankova. We talk about how to teach yourself programming for free, sharing multiple resources for different types of learners and coding paths one can take. We also discussed how to prepare for interviews and about how to get started with contributing to Open Source. In the end we hosted a Q&A session.

Doing Open Source as a Contributor and a Maintainer permalink

DevFest Porto (conference) / Porto, Portugal / January 26th, 2019 / Slides

From contributing to Open Source, as a contributor, I had to work on projects I didn’t know much about, as a maintainer I had to make sure the project was ready and for other contributors. In this talk, I shared my learnings and perspective from working in Open Source is in both sides, while sharing some tips on how to start contributing to a new project and keeping a project beginner friendly.

Getting Started with Open Source permalink

GDG Lisbon Sessions #22 (meetup) / Lisbon, Portugal / September 20th, 2018 / Slides

I talked about how to get into Open Source. I shared resources, types of projects, how to actually contribute to a project, and talked about how anyone can contribute to Open Source without having to know how to code.

Google Summer of Code Final Demo (Mentorship System) permalink

Systers GSoC 2018 Final Demos / Remote / August 12th, 2018 / Slides / Video

This webinar was the final demonstration of my work during Google Summer of Code 2018. I presented this live on Youtube. I talked about what I developed during the summer and my experience with Systers Community.