2018 was a very important year for me! So I wanted to write this post so that I can look back to.

Here’s a summary of my personal and professional achievements (not in order):

  • I started my first full-time job in December!

  • I made my first talk in front of a live audience, about “Getting Started with Open Source” at GDG Lisbon meetup (20th September)!

  • I attended Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston, Texas and was Systers Open Source representative at Open Source Day during the event! This was my first time being in America!

  • I presented my final MSc thesis and finished my Masters’ degree at Técnico Lisboa (same time I finished my part time job of 2 years)!

  • I was accepted into the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with the Systers community, where I proposed Mentorship System! I finished the program being nominated within the community as the Most Outstanding Student.

  • I traveled to Berlin with a friend!

  • I wrote a lot of blog posts (mainly about GSoC)!

  • Met the world of Open Source through GSoC and became a maintainer for the project I proposed!

  • I met some incredible people through the year!

  • I met some online communities, one of them being WomenMake, got very inspired by indie hacking and started believing I could build products for others on my own, without having to be VC backed. I just got inspired and continue to be!

  • I grew as a person, I evolved, I’m proud of what I am and how I feel now 🌱